Blip Slideshow Theme Example

This is an example of Blip being called directly from a WordPress theme template.

The public function slideshow() on the class Blip_Slideshow (as of version 1.2.2) creates the slideshow script HTML and includes the required stylesheets and Javascript files in your page. Options are passed to the function in its only parameter as an array. Unlike the shortcode, the id parameter for the function call is not optional.

The slideshow <div> element must be manually added into the template in the appropriate place. Example:

<?php $blip_slideshow->slideshow(array('id'=>'myShow')); ?>
<div id="myShow" class="slideshow"></div>

Continue to the Configuration page for options.

One thought on “Blip Slideshow Theme Example

  1. oceantrain

    I would like to hard code this in my template. i understand i need to put the div written above in my template, but where do i put the rss feed? Or rather, how to I hook up my photos from Picassa to the hard coded div in my template file?



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