Dynamic Dates, a WordPress Plugin

Today is Saturday!

This is the homepage for Dynamic Dates, a WordPress plugin that dynamically calculates dates in your post or page.

Custom dates can be inserted in your post or page with short-codes.

The current version of Dynamic Dates (2.0.2) can be downloaded from WordPress.

Dynamic Dates is in use at my portrait and wedding photography site, Ambient Photography.

14 thoughts on “Dynamic Dates, a WordPress Plugin

  1. Mark

    I have installed the plugin. I want todays date. But when I add [date] to my post it just shows [date] on the post.

    Thanks in advance for help

    1. jason Post author

      Doesn’t sound like it installed correctly. Did you delete it and try to download it again?

  2. Kirwan

    Hey, thanks for the nice plugin. I was looking for some way to do SSI with WP to display dates and times dynamically, but SSI doesn’t work with PHP.

    Questions and Comments
    There is some way to display times too? I have tried using many of the variables on the PHP pages for time and date format, and I can get H to work for hours(24H time) but I can’t get the minutes to work.

    As an aside, you could really use a full alphabetical reference of available variables because the ones you use in the examples don’t match up with those on the PHP pages you reference.

  3. Wayne

    Hi Jason, I am using your current dynamic dates plugin, thanks for the creation of it. I want to keep today’s date displayed which it does but it changes to the next day 4 hours sooner than it should. Timezone differences I assume. Can it be adjusted?

    1. jason Post author

      If you have PHP 5.3 with the International extension, then download v2 and try [today language='no_NO']

  4. Gary

    Thanks for the Plugin Jason. I’ve been wanting to insert the date of ‘tomorrow’ and couldn’t find a solution until your Plugin.

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